About Us

Top Non-Profit Organization in Roswell

Groveway Community Group is a non-profit organization committed to providing assistance to the elderly and youth throughout the community, encouraging the preservation of community values, promoting good citizenship, and encouraging participation in the affairs and issues of the community in Roswell since 1943. ...

If We Can Help Somebody

Groveway Community Group seeks to complement the work done by other agencies by identifying unmet --but important-- needs. We are your advocate in the preservation and promotion of total involvement in community affairs. Groveway encourages all citizens to get involved in community activities and affairs so YOU ...

Our Events

Groveway Community Group is one of the original and remains a major active contributor to the Roswell Roots Festival which is held throughout the month of February in celebration of Black History Month. Roswell Roots is the largest and most comprehensive Black History celebration in Georgia and features a variety ...


Jan 30, 2024
Herman Hagur
If you're looking for a Faithful community to get involved with, this is it! This is the second event I've done with Groveway Community and you can...  Read more
Oct 30, 2023
Shawn McCabe